With our bot you will actively manage access and admin rights to your databases from one place and all at once. No more need to spend time thinking where and to whom you ever granted access and at which level, our bot will be live to know what your collegues or clients are enable to do and see. Should you wish to change, our bot will change these rights instantly. And will report it. Error free. 24/7.

Every company has multiple systems with separate accesses usually used by different employee roles. For example, when onboarding a new employee, they will usually have to be taught how to use these systems, how to request accesses, then request the accesses, have them approved etc. etc. and this repeats for every single system your company has. This is all work that brings no value and means that not only is your new employee spending the first few of their workdays at your company just getting into the systems they need access in order to do their job, but also slows down the work of your existing employees as they have to teach the newbie how to set everything up. With our AI Onboarding Assistant all of this routine and non-productive work that every single of your employees has to go through gets resolved with a single email sent to the AI, the rest is taken care of automatically by the AI.

  • Adjustable to almost any existing organizational structure

  • Accessible everywhere

  • Communication in natural language

  • No need for specific technical knowledge

  • No need for specific tool knowledge

  • Complete historical activity logging and reporting

This AI is comprised of a series of cognitive services loaded with custom models that ensure it can understand requests written in casual human language without much boundary in terms of syntax or structure. Running on a cloud, connected to either SQL or NoSQL database, the AI can be configured to watch your company’s dedicated email address and respond to requests written in emails sent to it.

Furthermore, it’s not just emails that the AI can read, but also chats, spoken language or even SMS and other data channels. The limits on technology are few. On the other end of the solution is your company’s existing storage system where you keep your users. The AI plugs into the database and saves the processed users in same format as your existing solution does.

Specific configurational parameters of your users such as user roles, special accesses, geographical assignments and so on are tailored up to you company’s request and existing systems can leverage API exposed by AI in place.

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