Speed up your access to company data and obtain your numbers instantly - without asking, emailing or extensive digging in your databases. We will train your bot to have immediate answers to your questions in a BI graphic or text forms. Security and managed access to information is included.

Every company has a need for some sort of reporting. With our solution however, you won’t have to ask your employee to put together a report for you and wait a few days to get, you instead write an email and have the report delivered within seconds with fresh data.

  • Reports are always compiled with latest data

  • Available within seconds

  • Simply request your needed report via email in casual wording

  • Each report has different access rules

  • No need for specialized programs to view and interact with reports

  • Available in your browser

This AI leverages natural language understanding services loaded with custom models to allow you to communicate with it in casual human language and request whatever precompiled report that is pre-made using the best in reporting and business analytics technology brought to you without the need to buy expensive BI programs right into your web browser. Furthermore each report can have a different access rules imposed onto it thus ensuring only the right people see the vital data.

  • Prague, Bratislava

  • contact@botically.com