Replace unproductive human labour with our bots. Our AI Cash-flow Manager is error free, 24/7 with no sick or leave days ready to administrate, report and send invoices to your clients. It can also provide live data on invoicing status in graphic and or text formats whenever you please to know.

This product is primarily designed for companies which process a large number of invoices. It can save a lot of time and resources, as it makes the whole process automatic and error free. AI Cash-flow Manager can handle any kind of commonly used formats of invoices. It can be easily implemented in any company’s invoicing system, with small amount of customization.

  • Processes invoices automatically – generating invoices, sending automatic reminders, storing invoices in DB

  • Prevents human errors – error free invoice manager

  • Saves your time

  • Can handle any kind of format – PDF, Excel, Word, CSV

  • supports a variety of languages

  • legacy IT systems

  • file format – PDF, SAP, Word, Excel

  • devices – available on PC, Mac or Mobile

  • Prague, Bratislava